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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Caution: Mad Scientist at Work

What's that smell? Smells like someone's baking something.

No, wait, that's my spinach!

I have this recipe book, "Feasts for all Seasons" by Roy Andreas DeGroot, with many recipies that start with the words "Three days before the meal..."

This is one of those -- it's a drawn out process that slowly condenses a three pound bag of spinach into about a cup or two of dark green paleo-moo delight by replacing all of the water in the spinach with butter.

Today was day three, and for some reason even on the lowest possible setting, my propane (which is hotter than NG) burner decided to char my spinach to a black crisp rather than simmering it as I had intended. Usually I'm more on top of it and stir it if it starts sounding too sizzley on the bottom, but alas my computer had caputured my attention, and my mental timer hadn't gone off yet since it hadn't actually been on the burner for very long. Stupid humans. So after three days, it went straight to the trash.

What's that smell, indeed.

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