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Friday, July 19, 2002

The Center of the Spiral

I've been going in circles with my research for what seems like years now. Except, it's been more of a spiral than a circle, because each time I round the corner from one approach to another they seem a little closer together than before.

But the last couple of days have been like a tetherball on its final inches of string, a whirlwind tour of... everything. And then it all stopped, and I am left sitting in the middle.

And my head has stopped spinning.

And from here, it all seems so simple. From here, half a dozen completely different technologies suddenly look exactly the same--including, much to my surprise, some technologies I haven't even thought about in years.

"Epiphany" sounds like a dangerous medical event, doesn't it? "Oh my god, he's having an epiphany! Call a doctor!"

Perhaps I've just gone insane.

If the rest of the world defines sanity, then yes, I have.

Perhaps I'll be a good paleo organism and eat my Ahi and collard greens, and have some blueberries and walnuts for desert.

What was I saying? Oh yes... epiphany. So, it's a grand unified theory of.. thought. It's a neural network architecture. It's a programming language. It's a database. It's a perception engine. It's a creativity engine. It's a flow-chart. It's a Baysian network. It's an expert system. It will store my phone numbers in a sane manner (which is really why I'm doing all of this). And did I mention it's very biologically plausible?

"Hah!" you say, those things are all different -- nay, more than different, they are at odds with each other! Yes, so the world believes. And so it will be a long time before they catch up to me. Heh heh heh...

(Runs off cackling...)

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