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Wednesday, June 05, 2002


So, the wireless proved more finicky than hoped for. I'd wanted to mount the antennas under the eves, which actually worked for a short time but became intermittent as the wind died in the evening and stopped blowing the trees out of the way. Sigh.

So the cans are up high on tripods now. Seems to be working reasonably well. I guess tomorrow I try to rig a more permanent and weatherproof mounting for my ravioli cans.

Meanwhile, I've been playing with Linux and am remembering how much more I like it than the Mac which I've been using for a while now. (Mind you, I still prefer a Mac to a Windoze machine.) I've got Gnome set up with keyboard shortcuts for navigating me between multiple desktops so none are too cluttered. It's great to be able to do so much so quickly -- rarely having to reach for the mouse really speeds things up.

And it's fun being able to tweak the look and feel to my heart's content (and head's lament):

(That's my entire desktop. :)

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