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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Private Showing

At 11:15am I decided I had just enough time to hit the Indian buffet for lunch and catch the 12:05 matinee of Spider Man. Not only did the lunch timing work out perfectly, but they lowered the lights and started the show just as I took my seat -- not entirely coincidentally, since I was the only one in the theater. When I walked out, there was a cleanup crew waiting outside. "Don't worry, I didn't make much of a mess" I assured them, to which they did the double-take of looking at me and then craning around through the doorway to confirm that in fact there was no one else coming. "Second private showing today..." I heard one of them say.

I think I'll see all my movies this way. (Though I figured things would be especially quiet after a three-day weekend, and there aren't too many of those in a year..)

The movie itself was good -- one of the better comic book realizations, though sadly after seeing a few of them already it did seem like the same movie over again...

The preview for MIIB looks awsome.

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