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Friday, May 17, 2002

Vanilla Sky Kit

I've been back in San Diego for almost three weeks now.

I built a box garden, finished planting it today. The grass owns my previous garden.

Internet access has been very limited. Will post pics and whatnot when things are more in order.

Meanwhile, here's a snippet from an email I just sent (to Garrett*):

Yeah, well today I caught the wheel of my little skate (always said the deck was too narrow) and it pitched me directly onto my face at high speed, do not pass Go. A few hundred dollars worth of doctor referrals went from "I could stitch it, but it's really beyond my means so you should go to ER where they can call in a plastic surgeon if necessary. And they can do a cat scan there too" to "well, it's not really bleeding any more, so I don't think I'm going to put a bandaid on it because it will just stick when it dries... and there's... umn.. not much left there to stitch". So in the end, once they'd cleaned out my wallet, they sent me home without so much as a bandaid -- didn't even clean it. They say my nose is broken. They gave me referrals for ENTs and plastic surgeons if it doesn't heal well.

So, it's my Vanilla Sky impersonation. Puss is dripping down my face as I type this.

I also managed to get both knees, left shoulder, and both hands *front and back*. Don't ask me how I managed to rip skin off both sides of both hands in one seemingly instantaneous fall.

You know, you can hear through your bones the sound of your skull scraping along the pavement. And it was really obvious to me that was what I was hearing at the time.

When I stood up, I couldn't see with my right eye. Kept having to wipe the blood out of it, but it just poured right back in and went black again.

I guess I was tempting fate with that little board after all.

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