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Sunday, April 07, 2002

Pineapple Resurrection

In case you've ever wondered how they pick pineapples:

Laila's house (viewed from Sera's):

My father, Erik, meets Laila:

Laila, Agatha, Garrett* and Erik:

Romeo and his latest girl, and the "brilliant scientist" they brought to debate science and metaphysics with us, listening to Erik's story of his death (he got better!). Erik had them on the edge of their seats with his spiritually confirming experience (note Agatha's expression; heh heh) until he sorely disappointed them at the end by chalking it all up to a fabrication of his own near-death brain:

I bought tix to return to San Diego (indefinitely) end of the month. Garrett* said to me "now that you have tickets, how many days before you leave do you think Down To Earth will offer you the job?" I just sneered; it goes without saying.

The answer is three weeks. They called today. I had to turn them down.

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