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Friday, February 22, 2002

The Hair and the Turtle

Got my hair cut today at Snipps -- a one-woman shop tucked in a small room upstairs inside Extreme Sports, just past the used booms and masts. When I arrived, she was finishing up an attractive blond woman's hair, so I sat and felt the gossip evade my awareness as I thumbed through the magazines... Self.. Seventeen... Playboy... Playboy? The blond got up, gave Laura a firm peck on the lips, and went on her way. Laura plunked me in her shampooing chair, and instructed me to take off my shoes. Take off my shoes? Click -- the chair and foot pad started to hum and I got a full-body vibro-massage while she shampooed my hair. I couldn't resist but to go "aaaaaaa" to hear the interference patterns between my own voice and the vibrations rattling my chest. "That's what all the kids do!" she said. "Uh oh, my secret's out." I replied. (Actually, I said "Uzhz ozhzh, mzyz szezczreztz's zozuzt.")

She then proceeded to give me a cut appropriate for a female 70's TV star.

Well, that's my fear. I haven't actually seen it dry yet since I went straight from there to windsurfing. And now it's wet from the shower...

Windsurfing was brutal today. It looked to be a calm, mellow day, but the wind was barely enough to tack upwind, so I had little choice but to traverse through the Portuguese Triangle. I tried to ride a wave through it, but what started out a reasonable wave turned into complete randomness as it fused with the waves coming from the other direction and the two fought the wind coming from the third. I ate it. Or, it ate me. And somewhere in the mayhem, my board whacked me in the nose. Tomorrow I'm going to look like one of Charlie's Angels after a fight. With a goatee.

But I did commune with a large sea turtle. And eventually made it to Uppers, where the waves were bigger, and the wind was so turbulent it felt like I was fighting gremlins for my sail the entire time. I jumped a few of the smaller waves, caught a few of the medium ones, and got obliterated by a couple of the larger ones. But mostly I just kept getting pitched by gusts or literally bounced off my board by the chop.

So, some days are funner than others. But at least I got plenty of exercise.

And some really good tacos from Fiesta Time -- strangely one of the better taco stands I know of (including southern California).

Now I think I'll go tend to my wounds.

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