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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

I Dream

(From an email I wrote last October which I just bumped into again)

So many of my dreams are hanging by a thread these days, ready to break loose and vanish into a dark abyss beyond sight of mind. But if I stretch, I can still reach them, still touch the elements of the universe of the possible. I dream of simple things, of a warm fire casting its glow upon the cheeks of a loved one, in a beautiful house of wood and glass built on a hillside amidst the jungle, playing piano as an Indian curry simmers on the stove, the kids playing in the stream down the hill... I dream of silly things, of what the life of an amoeba is like, or of a cave man, or whether the earth spun fast enough in the day of the dinosaur to make them lighter. :) I dream of technology, of how the mind works, of space travel, of a unified theory of physics, of zero-emission energy usage and whether I will see Los Angeles without any smog within my lifetime. I dream of horrible things, of wars and weapons and the irrelevance of life in the bigger picture. I dream of nothing, and sometimes that is better than something. And I dream of everything, because I can't help it.

More recently I'm wondering if our atmosphere wasn't enormously thicker in the age of the dinosaur (hey, maybe there's a young earth in the middle of every gas giant)--enough to make everything weigh less, and to explain how the giant pterodactyl and giant dragonflies could fly (somewhere between flying and swimming.. like modern bumble bees).

And then when the meteor struck, it blew away the atmosphere (or its siblings ripped it away) and all the dinosaurs went FUMP onto their bellies and couldn't move any more. :)

Ok, maybe not.

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