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Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Funnier Moments; NYE

Just returned from Down to Earth, the local health food store, with some vegies, carob pudding, almond butter, and a job application. I chased the carob pudding with a chokingly adhesive spoon of almond butter, and in a moment of mild simulated panic mumbled "arrachibudirophobia!" Garrett* was perplexed, so I bid him look it up, to see if the web would come through for me here... (I really didn't know, having learned the term in the pre-web era, whether there was any validity to this tidbit of trivia...) Google came through, and even offered the correct spelling. I raised my arms to signal a goal, "score!". (It's so rare, after all, my memory serves me well; I must cherish these moments.)

Email snippet:

> Happy New Years, I hope it went well for you.

Yeah, though not fitting to any traditional image of the event. I spent most of the evening hiking through the jungle with a few friends, and sitting out on a cliff at the edge of the jungle overlooking the full-moon illuminated ocean with Dr. Seuss-like Mauitian plants looming out in silhouette. :)

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