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Friday, November 30, 2001

Urban Enclosure

First day here, my cat allergies are acting up more than I had expected. The prior tenants had cats, but Garrett* steam-cleaned the carpets, and the windows have been open for a few weeks now so I didn't think it would be a problem. I spent a few hours today washing the walls, but only got about half of them done between other distractions. Not sure what else to try.

Within a few hours of arriving last night, I found this guy in one of my clothes bags:

And by morning my book looked like this:

Garrett* headed out to the jungle this morning to help someone set up their new iMac. The original hope was that he'd return in time for us to go into town where I need to sign the lease, and so we could do some much needed grocery shopping. But he called mid-day to say it would be a few more hours and we probably wouldn't make it before the rental agency closed. It's 9:30pm now, and if it were anyone else I'd be worried he got in an accident, but Garrett* probably just stayed for dinner with his friends and assumed I'd happily subsist on frozen pot-stickers and quesadillas for the day. I just wish I knew how long these salsas in the fridge have been open. One's long past its printed expiration date, and the other two I'm fairly sure are the dregs of bottles we bought well over a year ago (don't ask me how they made it here, but those are they). Tortilla and cheese for dinner it is. And for desert, freshly charred sugar cane:

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