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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Open Lockers, Open Source, Open Space

Rageesh makes scrumptious Indian food, and seems to quite enjoy the process of making it. His two roommates say they call him every day to find out if he's coming home to feed them or if they have to go out and fend for themselves.

I lent him my old skate board to learn on. I'll be curious to see how many cuts and bruises he has by Tuesday.

He posed an interesting brain teaser: start with a bunch of closed gym lockers, open every other one, then toggle the state of every third one, then toggle the state of every fourth one, and so on all the way to N, where N is the number of lockers. How many are open at the end (as a function of N)?

I just learned from Richard today that all of the source code for the server portion of our Megacorp project is going to be released as open source. Apparently this was announced a while back at a conference, but I just never heard about it. That's pretty damn cool because I wrote every line of it (less a couple of changes made after I left), it's one of the more elegant things I've done (particularly the communications layer), and I was thinking at the time what a shame it was that nobody would ever see it or be able to use it for other things. I'll be curious to see if anyone can find holes in it -- to date it has never crashed, not once since the very first time I ran it, even in the face of test clients designed to torture it with garbage and malicious data. Debugger? What's that? :)

Garrett* called to torture me from Maui today. He was calling from his cell phone, describing to me, as he passed them by, the various spots along the coast I used to frequent. We hung up when he needed the spare hand to finish rigging his windsurfer. The winds are kicking today at Kanaha. They have a three bedroom place in a great location, and are looking for someone to take that third room...

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