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Saturday, September 29, 2001

Small Things

I've been planning to buy or build a mini skate board for getting around campus, and by a rare stroke of luck it turned out Julie had won just such a thing some time ago and had no immediate use for it so she generously donated it. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it's pretty darn close, and it's lots of fun. It's small, light, and very quiet compared to my old one. And with the trucks so close together it turns real tight so I can do nice leaning S turns without having to go twenty miles and hour:

And here's the foggy parking lot at 2am where I was testing it out (exciting eh?):

And here's a bunch of UCSD students holding a candlelight vigil for the souls of the WTC people, or for world peace, or for something along those lines. I walked out the theater door from a $2 death and destruction showing of The Mummy Returns, smack into this scene and was offerred a candle whilst weepy students gave sappy speaches and mentioned god a lot:

Naturally I resisted the temptation to accept the candle and casually take a bite out of it, and quietly escaped instead.

Back at the ranch, National Geographic had a nice nocturnal rain forrest spread, which started with this marvelous snapshot of a gremlin... uh, I mean tarsier, a tiny carnivorous primate with stationary eyes (which is probably how they're able to be so big):

That's a half eaten cockroach in its hand in case you had any doubt.

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