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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Rise of the Nazis

An email snippet:
Then the people of the perpetrator states share in the moral blame for the actions committed by the terrorists they support and sponsor.
Wow, I bet this is exactly what they said about us when they decided to do it. Do you disagree?

I don't mean to advocate a lack of targeted retribution (to the degree that is possible), but I think we have to be very careful when loading the scales of Justice.

Threat of retribution (which then must be carried out when tested, obviously) is but one form of prevention. Understanding causes is another, and a more important one, imo, because otherwise, as implied above, you run the risk of unwittingly becoming the target of retribution yourself.

I continue to be dismayed that people at large seem to have almost no interest whatsoever in why this happened. They begin with the axiom "it wasn't warranted" (because "nothing could warrant this") and progress from there. It subtly reminds me of Nazism.

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