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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Just Remove Water

The garden finally kicked out more than I could eat for a couple of days in a row (which is pathetic compared to last year where I couldn't even begin to keep up with it, but alas...) so I got to use my Incredible New Shrinking Machine to pack all the excess down into little jars:

The machine in question is, of course, a dehydrator--something I've been wanting forever but have had a hard time finding since they're out of vogue. But Tara recently found a really good one online and that was that. It makes green-beansticks much better than my toaster oven did last year, and makes good squash-chips and tomato-chips too! The three go great together as a sort of madman's trail mix--Cheetos for paleo nerds. Even the peach-chips came out great -- they didn't brown as I was sure they would. Don't know why you can't find comparable dried peaches in the stores.

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