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Monday, August 06, 2001

Customized Personality Sorter

A recent email exchange with Amanda*:
[Simon says...]
Garrett*     --- Amanda*
   |                |
Teresa  --- Simon
The left side are wanderers, without much attachment to past or future, or one place or another; here and now is what matters, to make the most of life as it comes. The right side are nest builders, attached to the future, always trying to balance today against tomorrow, trying to leverage time and life into something Really Big.

The top are Doers, energetic, enthusiastic, positive; good focus and ability to context switch; able to make use of slivers of time; drawn to major themes [true for both interpretations of those words] and workable solutions. The bottom are ponderers, cynical, poor focus, easily distracted, suspicious of major themes, drawn to alternate paths and unexplored, unauthorized territories. (Also the top are physical mesomorphs, the bottom ectomorphs.)

this is probably arrogant as hell, but it seems to me that i have the best combination of us all... of course you probably think the same way about your particular point on the diamond, as would Garrett*. :)

Yes, as you say, I think each person has the most functional corner in terms of their goals. For instance, for all the time you spend working for someone else, ~eight hours a day, five days a week, Garrett* spends playing or working on his physics research. And for all the time you spend on the positive, workable things, I spend exploring the dark corners, seemingly hopeless avenues, completely uncharted territory with unknown returns, wherein I occasionally find incredible gems unparalleled in the better traveled world above.

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