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Sunday, May 27, 2001

Profits; Stupidity; Leaping Lizards

A prolific writer and self-proclaimed scientist of mind who has quite a following once asked me rhetorically "what good are your ideas if nobody hears them?" My first thought was "what good are your ideas if they're wrong?"

It's an irony that those who are fountains of good-sounding ideas garner all the fame and respect, while those who trickle out the genuinely good ideas go unnoticed--their ideas inevitably attributed to the former.

The other day while stopped at a light behind a couple of cocky looking marines, I noticed their bumper sticker which said:

should be painful
My first thought was that they must be masochists.

Probably not what they had intended.

There are these stout, almost egg-shaped lizards that show up in my yard each spring, and I'd swear they're an evolutionary step above normal lizards. Despite their clunky appearance, they move like squirrels on hyperdrive, including chasing each other around, running like they were fired out of a slingshot, and jumping good distances to rocks or branches. All in all, highly animated critters.

I wonder how many of them it would take to pull me around on roller blades?

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