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Saturday, May 12, 2001

Hungarian Fire Cherries

Craving a less sweet cousin of the hot fudge banana split I came to the devastating conclusion that none such exists, and in the following moments of panic and desperation I threw a fist full of dried bing cherries on a plate and heavily showered them with Hungarian Hot Paprika.

I gave Garrett* the first one, fully undisclosed. He hypothesized gecko turd. I told him it was completely safe... as long as it's not too hot. He was not convinced, so I stabbed one with my cocktail fork and demonstratively ate it. It was strangely delicious; I ate the rest. I'm still not sated, but marginally diffused, at least until my palate recovers from the confusion. Perhaps some tahini and milk. Or some plum sauce and walnuts. Hmm...

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