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Sunday, May 06, 2001

Flashback: Europe 1986, Part I

Michelle's ongoing Europe adventure has inspired me to knock one particular item off my aging todo list -- entering my own Europe journal from 1986 (when I was 17) before the pages all fall out of the decaying shirt-pocket sized booklet in which I kept it. Everything is entered here roughly verbatum (no spelling, grammar, or punctuation corrections, etc..) except for some notes [in square brackets] which are my elaborations from recollection as I type. I'll be curious to compare notes with Michelle, to see how things have or haven't changed in these fifteen years...

pull out pen, plane shakes.

The Plane:

compare to a movie--ticket stubs... may I see... "Oh, I'm sorry, we'll have to ask you to leave the plane..." doppler shift demo.

cleverness of coasters; diaper man with headset upside down; engines in channel 2.

England: lots of active old folk, lots of pompos kids. Walked miles, YHA full. seemed more like home for orphans...
Tent city - shit - see "orphans". Old folk abound everywhere. little girl dragging dog [she had a tiny puppy on a leash, and was walking much faster than it could go, so it would get a few quick steps in and then it would tumble a ways under the pull of the leash... She didn't seem to notice -- she never looked back].
all the house #'s are 2 digit. don't forget the irish "comissionary". most of the cars were nice cars. Women very square jawed. museum de science <-- stand on right of escalater.
night of 6-28, I seem to have a mere 29.85 pounds, having started 55 hours ago with 101.98 (= $160.00). hmm. Black moon rising: 3.50 [pounds]. Saw london tower/crown jewels. 4[pounds] - gads. "look left" "look right" red & yellow lights before green. Guness holograms ~= 2[pounds]
adverts all over theater for movies. Bev Hills 4[pounds]. Assigned seats like theater. [This was weird -- I paid like $8 to see a movie in a theater, and they assigned seats to the mere ten or so people attending this showing, clustering us all together in the far back corner with what must have been hundreds of open seats (the theater was huge, with balconies and all). The weirdest thing is that we all sat there in this little clump in the back -- if I hadn't been "fresh off the boat" I would have taken a better seat; no idea what would have happened.] The diff between wierdos here & in the u.s. is not that there are more, cause there aren't. But here, they are normal people psychologically.
Bunch of americans waiting for walk light when no cars...
As with anywhere else, you've got the typical "punks" (not punkers) walking around. But these belong in clockwork orange.

It's light out from 7am till 10pm.

turn harmonics of voice into vibrations on fingertip allowing deaf people to "hear" with fingers... [not related to the trip -- just a random idea scribbled in at the time.]
Scenrio on backstreets of london with roundoff & back handsprings, etc... (knives).
V.A.T. = TAX
broke another 60 in trav. checks to pay for my 29[pound] fare to doublin. Met Bill [one of my professors, Australian fellow, from UCSD, who I'd arranged to meet up with when I heard he was going to be in London at the same time as I] & his bike. Ate Indian.
7/1 (12:02am) To Ireland
2 americans from sacremento--one slept on floor. Irish driver,?? went around counting passengers.. including "mr. on the floor"
Met older fellow & his all too american daughter (who fell for the two all too american boys mentioned above) at youth hostile in doublin. Nice hostil, compared to London. General impression of Ireland: mid-U.S. small town. Hard to find good food.

Uh oh, he's wearing a bullet proof face.

Guy snored All night and caughed & moaned, etc etc...

Vote yes on Divorce

Little old lady walking other side of river. Throwing handfulls of trash in it all the way.

"Sounds like someone warming to up play the bagpipes."
"Sounds like a fork lift backup beeper."

Place that sells everything for 1[pound].

Cork hostile nice. Met 2 ausies & a calif.

"Lilt" is a good drink.

Hitched to Kinsale after bobbing to some castle north of Cork. Nice fellow, sales rep of a candy co.
Almost All women at this hostile. Met 5 irish girls down for the week. Orla was my fav. Caretaker of hostile nice German fellow.
Spent whole day hiking with Orla. Groan.
[Orla Dunne's phone and address here... Doublin]

Hiked to the coast (lot of work) Stayed on a patch of grass on a cliff overhanging the ocean, near a waterfall, all day, till it got cold.

Getting better at playing the recorder I bought in doublin for ~2[pounds]. Some girls started yelling at us "so the she is a he?" [I had long hair], to which I said "she is." Further insults (they saw the bota as handbag). "would you like to find out?" I asked. "I wouldn't mind" she said. [In truth I was mortified and just doing my best to seem confident.]

early morn bus to cork... yawn.

Bus stopped & traded drivers.
American boys (same) on ferry. I ate spam. every one did double take on the spam. Ever consider: "Spamdex is a brand of nylon made from pigskin"

(think pavalov: During flute solo or orchestration, some one rings a bell)

Came in to dock on ferry. Walk to train to Paris. Youth hostile full. Stayed in hotel for 79FF. Not too bad. 15 de Malte* (address) Marry's hotel.

The subways are a mess, but they work. You have to flip a lever to open the doors. My french is better than I thought, and worse than it needs to be.

Nude adds abound. wide variety of nude mags for sale in little stands on the street. The subways have regular tires on them. Not metal ones. Visitted le Louvre and le tour eifel. Paris is Giant and has no apparent center. Also changed flight to Aug 24. Lots of places sell large sandwiches with just one thing in them like brie or swiss, or salami. Good stuff. Cost around $1. All the buildings are about 3..5 stories tall. Everywhere
Train to Swits overnight. Not much sleep. Spent it with three finish girls. [Come now -- put away those dirty thoughts...]
7/8 -- 7/9
Switz is immaculate. The street side venders are of a better quality than the best of our shops. Everything is high tech. The auto- doors slide sideways, silently. Everything is twice as expensive as anywhere else, but twice as nice. The street musicians are better than the paid performers in the states.

The toilets DO flush themselves (urinals in hostel)

The trains are quiet and clean. (electric trians). Oh ya, I bought a money belt in switz a couple days ago. Seems where they don't speak english, they speak french (a little).

Bern was pretty, queit, and the people nice. But yesterday (the 10th) I went to Geneve. Geneve is bigger, dirtier, and the people are nasty. Did meet a french guy from quebec though. We are now on a train to Rome. It's 8:15pm and we don't arrive until morning. The train again is crowded. Sleep doesn't look likely.

Italy is hot and dirty. Everyone is laid back, & walks slow.

Today, I walked around with Frederic who was a bit more into the sights than me. After eating a really bad piece of pizza I got for 2000 Lire ($1.40), I got attacked by an Italian barber. See the before & after pics. [I hope some day to scan my Europe slides and intersperse them here...] It was only 8000 lire. (bargain?). In all of the old Rome, cats abound.

I must say, the only thing romantic was all the kissing. in the streets. Oh yes, they wouldn't let fred in the Vatican because of shorts.

We got back to the hostile late, the guy was a dick & wouldn't let fred in. [Uh, I don't recall how I got in, but apparently I did?]
Lost fred. It seems that a small pizza is $1.05 yet a pepsi is $1.40. Hmm. It do it do... the metro in Rome makes a big wind down the tunnel when it goes.
Call Hilary. All the trains squeel!!! when they stop.

Rome is full of thieves. They stole my dick.

7/14 Venice.
The pigeons pack around food on the ground. I wonder what would happen if a little kid fell down? Picture man sunbathing under umbrella in rain storm... "Mentally Impotent". Lots of gun wavers.
No sleep last night. Met an Italian fellow who spoke no English, and we tried to communicate for a while. Then the multi lingual woman with ocassional shakes, and the horney couple showed up (horney woman). Now I await a ferry to greece. Brindisi is boring. Met a woman from San Diego, too. Tickets: $8 high season charge, $9 to go inside. 6000 Lire tax. Round trip: 46,000 Lire (without tax).

Went to Europe in search of myself. I wasn't there.

Met a woman from wash DC. Trav with her mother. Changed my money (7000 Lire->700 drach) by the painters in the closed bank in PYRGOS. Now I sit in Olympia, having been kicked out of the balcony because of ouzo. [I was traveling with a random band of people I'd met on the train or ferry, I think, and they decided it was time to open a bottle of ouzo and party it up. I don't even think the first glass was poured (don't recall for sure; I don't drink so I wasn't having any in any event) before the owner of the hotel we were going to crash the night in came in and yelled at us all in Greek and threw us out.]
It's hard to get up in the morning. Shack on the roof was my room last night in Olympia. Sent post cards to Orla & Jamie today. Cheap! Also got $100 greek money.

fold up synth.

After much debate, florence & her mother are going to Athens also. [Florence was the girl from DC, I guess; her mother, Rose, is Swiss.]

My uncle tried to commit suicide by swimming off the calif. coast. Now he lives happily in Hawaii.

The Greek islands have wierd names (that's a pretty siros accusation.)

We found a room for all 3 of us for only 1700 dr. Singles are only ~1000 dr (1040?), about $7.00 a night. Amazing. Right next to the train, too. Also had some moussaka for 295 dr. Not too bad... They had salad... took cold shower.

Noisy traffic outside. Spent 150 on lemonade (tossed) 200 orange (1/2 tossed) 150 honey cake, 200 Aero polys. 60 busses, 100 beach, 120 water & 7up, 190 rollout mat, 350 (1/2 hour windsurfing - split hour with Flornece)

Watch all sunsets next year.

Fix greek salads (tomato/feta/cucumber) (salad & swordfish kabob = 700) hotel 600 (with the two above mentioned)

Early rise to see off florence & mom to Yuchoslavia -> switz... Bought ticket to Thira for 1500. Sent post cards to Erik, eve, & grandma.

Met a french guy from Paris. 30 yrs, sax player in Urban Sax. Patrick, also musical therapist. (full psychological degree) On his way to Naxes for 4 weeks in a bamboo hut. (Urban Sax - spring in USA)

Packed onto the ferry like cows. Slept away most of the day before meeting Patrick, who was sleeping next to me, near the ferry port. [Uh, I think my point here was that he was probably only a few feet from me, but the ferry was *so* crowded -- like the deck completely covered with bodies -- that I didn't see him again until we were off the ferry.]

Froze on the ferry. Met a mexican guy (Marco) - pizza marco in London, his son's mother is model for Vogue. Has shop in southern mexican island. Travels & workds as he goes. Going all the way round the world by thumb.

bought juice & 1.5 litre water for 95 drak. (about 65c). Ferry to & from volcano - 300 drak. Pension - 1200 double - town south of Thiva - Mesaria. Nice little room. Nice lady.

[Marco Alarcon's address in Can Cun here]

Burnt my nose at the volcano. Ate a burger & fries.

Sat around confused for a while & then decided to go to Mykonos. After barely getting off the bus, I made it back to run down ~576 steps to the old port. Here I sit sweating at 2:36, waiting for a 3:30 boat. 1028 drax. For the 6 hour boat ride.
Note: Don't forget that everywhere you go, espec. in the south, everybody has 1.5 litre bots of water in their hands.
Oh yes, washed clothes last night in bucket (and took warm shower).

Most showers have been cold in greece.

Met a guy "Allan" sitting on a wall in the middle of nowhere looking for a hotel at 2:30am like me. (Met Marco the way way... after looking for hotels, I gave up, he approached while I was eating near the campsite where he was attacked by lizards.) Anyway - Allan & I slepts on Paradise beach just beyond the sign saying "no sleeping..." His girlfriend from Miniapolis (he lives there) is herion addict/hooker. He is painter. Here for 3 weeks vacation. Mykonos is... hmm. Here I sit in a blue wood chair, pople all around sitting in front of the blue check tables, under the bamboo shade roof. Allan is getting breakfast. This is paradise? I think I'll leave tonight.
Spent the day baking in the sun & swimming. Boat & Bus back to town, shit shit shit. There are no boats to Athens tonight!!
got tough. bought a ticket to athens by air for 3410. leaves ~9:20, 35 min flight.

(People spearing small fish and then throwing them at each other)

[Allan Jacobson's address here]
Noisy flight but quick. [I seem to recall the wings flapping like a birds -- never seen wings of a plane go up and down so much before or since!] Bus to center of Athens cost 100 drak. I set my stuff down infront of the open empty baggage compart. of the bus, and examined my map. Just for own entertainment, I played bolling. [on my recorder] Someone slapped 100 drak into my jacket (which was on the ground) while I wasn't looking up, and walked off quickly.
Took #1 bus to station instead of taxi. Met European jewler who spoke 7 languages including "hamari" (etheopian). Ran into two of the French guys who were traveling with julie. [I think Julie was the girl from San Diego?] Man tried to kick us all (many people, including a few from austria - guy with knife in back pocket) out of the station where we all tried to sleep. Fight with other station guys, etc.. Here I am in the station, about to sleep.
Got shat upon last night by birds. Now to Patras.
They did it to me again!!! The return ticket I have isn't good on the right ferry. Bought another ticket for 1200 drak (~$9). Will try to refund old on in Italy. Hah!
Not once have I laid down my matt without someone stepping on it!!!
Yeh yeh yeh. Got refund (23,000 lire) in Italy & got a round of popsicles for the group on the train to Paris (bunch of people from the ferry. Hawaiian guy, ausi, 2 american girls, & an english guy. (gay?) Also met swedish girl [arrow to her address in Grabo, Sweden, on opposite page] who is on her way home. Perhaps I will visit her. Also met woman from victoria/canada who wanted to sleep with me on the ferry. Hawaiian guy lives in honolulu and has house on Hawaii. Does great baby cry. [After hearing him do it, I practiced and learned to make the same sound... So that's where I picked that up...]
Train ride was ok. Actually, went entire time with just two in one compartment. The other 4 (ausi, Hawaiian, 2 american girls) took off in Laussane[?] at 7:30am or so, while me & Bob (from England) were sleeping. Bob is on his way home to London today. Oh yes, here I sit in a Paris cafe. with Bob.

10:17am Should I stay or should I go? Sitting in Council trav trying to decide.

Put it off. Didn't change it [my return flight]. While wandering near the Louvre, I met an American boy from near Boston. He was waiting for an American girl from San Fransisco. Got along great with Barbara. Went to Museum of impressionist art with them. Monet was good. She may call/stop by if in the area. While waiting for the train, I met a german girl (Judith) who ended up sleeping [snuggling] with me on the train.
They went to Zurich to meet another guy. I am now continuing to chur. She lived for a year in Washington/USA.
Got $50 swiss francs in Chur.
Chur is jasst (just another small swiss tourist town) like Burn. The water isn't as pretty. The surrounding mountains are nice. Finished second roll of 24 exp 400 film.

Been eating lots of laughing cow cheese & all sorts of yogurt. Increadible deli in town. Here I sit at the youth hostile trying to decide whether to check in or call Rose again, who seemed a bit bothered when I called her this morning.

Went to Rose's, fixed her two tape players. Ate spaghetti & bread & salad & fresh peach pie. Yum. [Funny -- I seem to recall trying some of her Cherry pie too, which was made entirely with non-pitted (i.e., with the pits!) cherries!]
Got up at 10. Sewed my bag (the strap supports) Am sitting here waiting to go to Arosa. Gummi bears: HARIBO. These are the real ones. Think I'll make the overnight to Wein (Vienna). Think I better start eating better. Think I caught a cold (from the woman on the ferry. the Canad one from Victoria.)
Took red train to Arosa. Scenic but small & boring. Did I see Diane from the arcade @ UTC here? Ah well. Back I go. (There was actually some snow on the peaks of the nearby mountain)
Zurich - bought patches for Greece, Italy, & Austria. Janitor in station threw beer bottle to break it so he could sweep it. It didn't break. He threw is again & it did. WISH I HAD FILM TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE VENDING MACHINE!!! EVERYTHING YOU WOULD NORMALLY FIND IN A GROVERY STORE!!! GIANT
Almost took a sleeper but not quite - 21 franc ($12) was too much. Ended up with a black fellow from States, a swiss guy, a chink, and a guy from Budapest, Hungary, the neighboring communist country...
WEIN is the New York of Austria, I imagine. The park I am in has a flock of pigeons. Only one I've seen, except in Venis where they sold bird feed to the dumb tourists. Oop.. There they go. 200 or so flying together around the park. Found a supermarket. got lots of stuff for little money. Kiwi ~ 3/100 (30c a piece (4.9 schil)) Changed $50 this morning at the station. Then I lost, somehow, the black fellow who was also there. Price examples: Amiga $1,800.00, 170g laughing cow = ~$1.80... Bought film: Ecta 400, 36 exp - 150 schill ~$9. Not too bad. put new batteries in camera too.
Got room for tonight. 200 schill (~$12) but worth it. Private room, nice. See pics 1&2 on 36 roll (out of window, & "This is me").

Head shops interspersed with the everyday things. Oh yes, got some good brie at the market, & some wachaver wecken? (bread with anice)

Met up with the chink from the train. We spoke in broken french all day. Street musicians were doing Simon & Garfunkle. AND MOZART. Guitarist, flutist and violinist did GREAT ["a little night music"; my attempt at spelling out the german name is illegible]
I think the chink was gay. Had a hard time getting rid of him. This room is great. I would love to stay...
A-1010 Wien, Seilerstatte 30 is the place. Maybe later. Great shower too. Noone around. Wien has a mellow but alive atmosphere. Wish I knew german.
Met a Roman guy on the train to Salzburg. We went to a castle on a cliff. He hesitantly bought some of my lire from me. I lost $1 or so in the bargain. In the church in Salz. people put one knee to the ground before scooting into the benches. We are staying in "International Youth Hostil" for 85 schilling/person. Seems ok, but they charge for the hot water. Salzburg is nice. Pretty and slow paced. Also saw Motzart's birthplace.
The Italian (Renado) is a laugh. He spent the entire evening cooing women. "Excuse me, I am lost..." Here I sit, sky getting dark, just rained. A crowed sits around me listening to a guitarist play & sing english songs in a strong accent. We sat here because there are two gorgious women (girls?) sitting here. They look mid teens.

We gave up on the 14 year olds from Wien (Veen)(Vienna) and the ~20's law students from Salzburg -- Gave up on the 2 on the ground, & found a couple german girls going home. Spent the night until 2am following them around. See address in back for Claudia. Her friend was Sussanna. Perhaps I will visit? I kept talking too fast & then saying "never mind" "doesn't matter" etc.. Also some Americans at hostile. I don't like Americans. They are pompous assholes.

Got up, and was given a banana and a couple muffins by a man from Ohio. Went through customs before getting to the track for Munich. The two holland ["german?" struck out] girls in front of me have shirts that say "NO No no no... well, maybe" and are wearing well fit light pink jeans (bite palm). Ah well. Talked to them on the train but they went "their own way" afterward. Soon after, I met Julie Steel again [purely by coincidence]. Wandered around with her while she bought tree ornaments for her mother. Then she went her own way too. Now I wait for S7 (S-bahn 7) which will take me to a youth hostile. We see what happens. All others have been full. The S-bahn is a fast subway with long trains, and first & second class cars, etc.. Quite odd. Eurail pass covers S-bahns. Oh yes, took a picture of "Ratskeller" in Munich [since there's an eatery by that name at UCSD where I was a student at the time]. The german women are often quite ["cute" scratched out, "sexy?" scratched out] something.

Note problem: I appear to many to be a lost soul looking for someone to follow. First solution comes to mind: Act like I've got it all under control. But NO. Proper solution: Who cares what I "look" like. Let them think what they want.

Took the S7 to the hostile. Hostile is an old castle, but full. Got bed in basement for 9 marx (~$4.50). See pictures of front desk w/line of people, and basement with two aussi's in it. Met 2 ausi women, & later, and ausi couple who also in basement & had food poisoning this morning & last night. I think I stay here tomorrow night too, just for the rest. The showers cost, I don't think I will take one. Haven't been eating well. Too hard to find stores. Too much pork for my tastes.
Breakfast was two rolls, tea, and a micro slice of bologne (actually quite good). In German, on can "Get out of bed with one's left foot" to say "get out of the wrong side..." [Uh, "got up on the wrong side of the bed" I presume]
People are falling away. It doesn't really bother me that I can't hold on. But obviously it is.
Oddly enough, my budgetting has improved greatly. I only kept 50 mark ($25) in my pocket yesterday and this morning I have 25 mark left. Maybe I should eat?
Went to see science museum. Look up "Starkes Magnetfield" Steel ball in Magnetic field (10v, 70A magnet). Great electric demo. [The ball was happily floating in mid air] Learn about making nylon. Read up on Rocket engines. Make jacobs ladder. Master-slave robot arms. Engine. Skateboard. Do something.
Got lunch at museum restaurant for ~$5 (Goulash & dumpling, & 2 yogurts) Still hungry -- Another yogurt & small slush - 2.50 mx.
Met german fellow walking out of muse. Supposed to meet him at fountain but... his bike (moto guzzi) is here. Also, germain girl in fruit section of store by S-bahn station was very friendly.
Gave up on Gerald. Sat and listened to an English fellow play guitar. Met another german girl. "Katja". English wasn't too great, but we spent the evening together. Had a taste of her beer (large beer) Was great. Left her with a romantic hand slip (hand to hand, don't get any ideas) as she went down U-bahn escalator. Shit I am too polite for too long. It's now midnight. I am on the S-bahn. Hope I can get in the hostile.
Woh, it's august. Someone let me in last night. Had to pay this morning. Am on train to Ulm. Babbling German drunk sits accross from me. The sky is grey, the countryside is beautiful & green. My hat in the jacket isn't waterproof!
Had to pay to get into the church at Ulm. 50 mark. bought great rassberry-strawberry- blackberry-cran/huckleberry- jello-tart for 2 mark. and half a chicken for 4 mark.

On my way to freidberg. Looks like I have to transfer somewhere.

Ack, what a mess. Transfers... same train, different car... another train.. etc.. Walked all over freidberg. Finally found (I) and then the trolly to the hostile. Nice hostile. Only 4 to a room. Doing a wash now. Met woman from New York (in 105A) Caroline? I forget. She just finished her wash. This hostile makes you take breakfast. Total bill = 11 some DM (~$6) with breakfast. Looks like I stay another day if I dry clothes. Perhaps I spend tomorrow in the Black Forrest.
Woke up at ~8:40. Missed breakfast. Had to clear out of the room, etc.. A mess. Got my 2 muffins/butter/cheese triangle and Jam... from the not-too-happy- about-it breakfast person. Took the train to "Titisee" (see = lake) Seem to have lost my shorts in Greece, damn. The sailing looks good here. See picture. Note too- germany isn't as expensive as people say. In fact, it's cheaper than the U.S.. Left my bag with the desk man. Clothes are still hanging to dry.
Great women in germany! Some are Increadible. From what I've seen & heard, the german men are cold.
Bought a black forrest ham sandwich & a germany patch. They didn't charge me for the patch? total-2DM. (Good Ham)
tried to call Vick all night. Line was busy.
Tried to photograph myself in the black forest.
Got a terrible dinner at the hostile for 6.50DM. For too much. Ah well. I have 90HM left. Friedberg is full of young folk, it seems. Frustratingly large numbers of awsome late teen women. They've all got great buns. (Bite Palm)
Got up at 6:37. Ate shitty breakfast, missed my trolly, missed the train, which actually didn't run on Sundays anyway. Took train to Hamlhiem (I think). and transfered to train to Mainz. 10:46 now, arrive ~11:10. On the way to Hamlh, I talked with the cutest canadian woman (born in England, grew up in Africa). Talked with her lips & tongue. Sooo kissable.. Argh...!!!
Busses & trollies too expensive here. Just get on and cross fingers. Took bus wrong way from Mainz station. SHIT.
Bus Police came along. I played dumb tourist & only paid the standard 2DM fee. Ferry left at 10:45. Other one (hydrofoil) at 14:?? would cost me 45DM. I am now on the train from Mainz to koblins, if not all the way to Koln. The train goes along the Rhine. Mostly farms & factories. Here and there is an old castle.
		Train Station = Haupt bahnhof
		Exit = Ausgang
		I eat = Ich essen

15:55 am in Koln watching punkers play in fountain. Awsome church behind me. Koln seems a large city. Waiting for 22?h train to Kovenhagen.
Talked to a german bum for a while. Gave him my brie (it was melting). Sewed on my austria & germany patches. Ho hum.
Met a sweedish fellow going to Stockholm via Copenhagen.
Am sitting in Kovenhagen station.. Hans (the sweed) is nice fellow. Father in the computer buiz? Father in states.
Cached $50 and got 372.98
Took S-bahn half way to hostile, walked rest. Marvelous hostile. Double room, sharing with colored fellow from Wash DC. Sitting at Tivoli now, he is bringing his wash & some food back to the hostile. Danish Brie is great. Comes in full disk of various sizes instead of just a wedge. Tivoli is very low key, like Salzburg. Hostile was 40 krona/night. Quite far from town, though. Copenhagen is like a Munich or Salzberg with more sex shops. (Oh god! there are soooo many neubile young women here. they all wear light, semi-transparent pants, and generally white tight undies. Arg!) The irate guard at the Tivoli wouldn't let me play the recorder. I had been playing for ~15 minutes and he hadn't even heard me: he saw me .. hah! The old lady next to me seemed to think he was an old fart too.
Saw museum of holography. 20kr. Didn't go to the dance (also 20kr). Not in my budget! Seems you pay for sex one way or another. I'll have to disprove that.
Got up. Too lazy to shower. Busses to station. (citront for morning hot drink) Old people seem cranky here. The word quaint had nothing to do with Kovenhagen.
Went to Odens. 3 hour trip. Train went on ferry. Talked with a sweedish women who has been in Denmark for 4 years and will move to Kovenhagen. Zillions of jellyfish.
In Odens: Nice park with incredible tree. Bizzarre street act with a man straight out of hans-christian-anderson and a bunch of street kids riding unicycles, juggling fire, etc.. Duel on cycs with real swords between girl and man. Kids rode unics. while holding handlebar w/wheel in front. Got assaulted by some Jesus freaks while sitting in the park. Ferry was late back, but I still made my train to Oslo. That train was a fucking day train. Norwegan pianest (24 yr old woman - looked 17) sat next to me. Very jumpy.
[To be continued...]

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