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Saturday, November 18, 2000

Presupposition; Lolita; Maui Women

Stumbled upon an interesting (though too long for my attention span) article on presupposition in communication which fits nicely with my theories about the hazards of reading (or of communication in general, but I think these principles particularly apply to the manner in which most people absorb their "philosophy" through literature).

Around dusk, Garrett* pointed out to me Samantha reading beneath the lemon tree. The scene immediately reminded me of the movie Lolita, and judging by my success in eliciting a moan from Garrett* upon mentioning that I suspect the thought had already occurred to him too.

It got me thinking... Simon:Guinevere::Garrett*:Lolita? More moans from Garrett*.

I've kept this quiet for a year, but I happened to have my camera handy last time I was in Paia so the truth must come out. This is what a typical Haiku hitchhiker looks like:

Paia and Makawao are full of them. Too bad they're mostly mystic nutcases.

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