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Sunday, October 29, 2000

Growing Up...

(a snippet from an email I wrote today)

My mother proved to me by example that no matter what happens, we can always survive and survive well. We had no extra money, but there was never any question that we'd have enough food (you can live on bean and rice burritos for pennies in a pinch!) and a good, safe home (even if it means my own "bedroom" was an 8x4 room we made out of the end of a piece of a hallway that used to lead outside, next to my mother's room in the corner of a house with five bedrooms and seven people). Attitude is everything -- even in that itsy room, which was really just big enough for my bed and not much else, I was perfectly content with it. We had a great backyard, and I remember growing green beans (my first :) out of pots and thinking how cool it was that these structurally specific, edible things just sprang out of dirt, air and water. I never felt deprived of "stuff", I just took it for granted that we had just enough to survive on and the rest had to come from our inspiration and elbow-grease.

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