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Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Beyond American Beauty

The last twenty four hours I've been wondering how I could live anywhere but here. The flow of smells as we drove home from the airport... I can almost find my way around here by smell alone. Life is here, green, lush, fresh... clean air, crystal pure water falling from the sky... It's so simply good it's beyond the need for richly poetic interpretations.

Due to the time shift, my work day was well done by 4pm, so I dragged Garrett* out to windsurf despite his whining that it was too late. (These occasions that I'm dragging him out are noteworthy just out of rarity.) The wind was kickin'! My 4.5 sail was almost too big, but that's just right. We went to Sprecks instead of Kanaha, and the waves were a blast. My first high jump was rather by accident, trying to sail out through a broken wave which I expected to slog through or fall into but instead launched myself almost straight up for a fun flight, and to my further surprise I even managed to land and keep sailing. It's a serious workout ch-chopping through the swell with an oversized sail in 20 mph winds, chasing the waves from the backside, jumping over them and beating them to shore, heading out again and going for maximum speed as you see a wave peaking up to break, the perfect launch ramp made of water in motion. Off the crest, a trail of spray off your tail, flying your sail like a wing, stretching your arc well beyond the intuitive parabola.

It's my favorite sport du jour. But shhh.... don't tell anyone I like something or they might commit me.

We capped the evening by splitting a mahi burger, sashimi, and onion rings at the Fish Market in Paia. The onion rings were unnecessary--spawn of exercise-induced hunger--but the mahi and sashimi were in top form.

Rick and Sally arrived this evening, staying for the week. Somehow I don't think I'll have them jumping waves by the time they leave, but if I could I would. (grin)

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