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Monday, September 11, 2000

Chasing the Sun

You know those self-contained seat belts that flight attendants use for demonstration purposes before takeoff? They have another use! They work as seat-belt extensions for extra-large people.

We've been chasing the sun around the globe for a few hours now, but we're falling behind and so is the sun. We just passed a cloud that looks just like a heart-shaped cow patty.

Every cloud looks like something, but today many of them look like cow patties. I'm not sure what Rorschach would conclude.

Why don't pilots ever turn the plane at sunset so the passengers can see? At the speed we're traveling, it should last more than twice as long as usual, so both sides could get a full show. A little time dilation for your viewing pleasure.

I had a good talk with Professor X today. He doesn't understand my dark view of humanity. I don't understand his bright one. It is unclear where our differences originate, whether they are really different views or just different priorities, aesthetics, goals or even words. We need to walk a mile in each other's shoes. I'm not sure either of us would make it--one down of boredom, the other fatigue, with which is which depending on who you ask.

As I fly west, Michelle flies east, ending our relationship at nearly twice the speed of sound. Today is what my friend Greg would call a pivotal moment--a moment beyond which one does not really see until the moment is passed, like any large event that attracts your forward-directed focus.

What's to follow in the year to come I don't yet know. But it's sure to be an adventure--I'll see to it.

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