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Thursday, July 13, 2000

Seventh Dimensional State of Consciousness

What am I doing up? It's 3:10am.. I need to get up in five hours to catch a flight to San Jose.. and I'm hacking my silly Journal Script! Now it will optionally build the index in reverse chronological order, it has "Prev" links as well as "Next", and "Next" from the last entry brings you back to the index instead of bombing out in an unresolved link. Isn't that nice of me? Sigh.

I skipped a day picking the green beans... and ended up with 2.5 pounds the next day. Skipped the day after that (yesterday) and ended up with over four pounds of beans today! I'm freezing what I don't eat. Modular home-made TV dinners. Now I just need to start breeding turkeys.

Some person wrote me this amazingly incomprehensible letter, which I patiently replied to something along the lines of "I don't know what you mean by these three terms you use in your first sentence. Can you explain them to me in layman's terms?" She wrote me a huge reply to that, but I think these two excerpts most concisely convey her stance:

If you cannot understand the material that is because
you are reading it while focused in your analytical
mind. There is not the data stored there to comprehend
such material. You can however choose to step out of
that and allow yourself to be in awareness. Awareness
knows no boundries ~ there came to be here separation.
THe mind only can re-arrange the data put into it by
you. You create your analytical mind. But awareness ~
that is Thus Far. All that has taken place, all
existence ~ that 'information' is in awareness. When
you allow yourself to allow awareness when reading the
writing you are automatically establishing an
alignment within your own totality. You will
comprehend the material where you know that this takes
place, where it is so. You will also begin to
recognize when that trickles down to where you choose
to focus much of the time. It is definitely different
than most written material but there have been
different changes within this created existence (what
you call this planet/universe)


A good beginning foundation for this material is to go
beyond a seventh dimensional state of consciousness.
That is where before physical is as it is today. You
can have a broader understanding by 'moving' out
backwards so to speak to get a greater view of what is
taking place or has already for that matter.

Not surprisingly, she's done time in Maui. I am afraid for Garrett*. Garrett*? Are you still there? I mean, completely there?

Ah well, in the end we all die anyway so what difference does it make? Good night.

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