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Monday, July 10, 2000

Meta Vicarious; Mega Todo

The gardens are kicking butt this year, as you can see from Michelle's latest journal entry.

Also now online are *>Garrett*'s journal and Samantha's journal.

Me... I've just been sitting here with my Todo list, adding two items for every one I check off. This is a pattern with me, and I feel really stupid that I can't seem to figure out objectively what's going on. I guess, optimistically perhaps, that I just put too much on my own plate... Today I spent time handling things related to: my Megacorp job (other than the work itself, which of course still takes the majority of my time), my other house (fixing the garage door), gourmet tendencies (searching for sun dried tomatoes to accompany the Tiro Pita [Tara's recipe] I made at 1am last night), Meta exhibitionism (getting friend's journals all linked up), Dual living (paperwork for the Kula home), and crusading for a better world (communicating with some people working on an Open Source project which I had to add my two cents to).

None of it feels particularly productive -- I mean, what do I have to show for all that time? Large scale returns, I guess, but nothing immediate enough to be psychologically gratifying.

("Bitch bitch, whine whine.." Yeah yeah, I'll get out of this mode at some point. [I hope.])

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