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Wednesday, July 05, 2000

And The Coin Flipped Me; Timeless Companions

After a week long series of uncanny discoveries each designed to keep us all perilously balanced on the fine edge of excruciating indecision, Garrett*, Samantha, and I have finally decided to take the Kula house. They'll move in ten days from now. I'll join them September 11th. And we'll all be on the street again December first when the short lease runs out and the owners take claim of the place. It's a short stay, but variety is a good thing. A bit of a hassle for me for so little time, but as they say we regret the things we say, and the things we don't do. And as much as I try to shut up and do things I still feel I've said too much and done too little at the end of the day.

I guess I'll shut up now.

I leave you with another email excerpt on relationships and time:

When I think of the value and comfort in a companion, little of it requires "time" other than the time each would put into their own lives to begin with. For me, I have all these things that need taking care of (rent, maintenance, etc..) and all these things I want to see created (art, music, garden, science, etc..) and to have someone around who shares at least some of these is potentially a great thing because all of them can feed many (two people can listen to the music at no greater cost!) and so almost twice as much progress (and consequent enjoyment) happens with two like-minded people as with one. Then there's the value of simply having another mind around who can see what you do, to point out the things you missed (which we call insight, humor, etc..) and to see and acknowledge the things you point out. Again, not a great time sink. And then there's just the comfort in knowing someone with a similar agenda is involved in your life, to take action for you when you may not be there to do it, to pick up the interesting item from the shore or the store which you would have been fascinated by if only you'd been there to see it; to wheel you to the hospital as you would have wheeled yourself if only you'd been conscious; etc... Again.. not a great time sink, since 99% of the time it's just potential. [...]

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