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Monday, July 03, 2000

Our Own Little World

I helped Michelle set up a journal today. Between mine, hers, Tara's, and Garrett*'s, it's starting to feel like we have our own little world here... particularly since my web logs show that we're pretty much the only ones who read each other's journals. Hellloooo??? Is there any body out there? No opportunity for vanity here I guess.

Garrett* and Samantha have found a house in Kula available only through the end of November. They've submitted an application, but we won't know for a few days whether we'll get the place. If we get it, I'll head to Maui and Michelle will stay here and house sit until December, and then I'll stuff-sit her things while she takes some time off to travel. If we don't get it, Michelle will move out and I'll end up staying here. Two totally different scenarios, and strangely I don't care which way it goes.

Megacorp finally extracted our new guy out of Canada. Of course he landed here on a four day weekend, so the promise of more man power is still just antici....

Michelle forwarded me this link on early retirement correlations with personality type. The bulk of it is summarized by this chart:

which sadly shows my type (INTP) as wishing we could retire early but not actually achieving it. An apropos find considering my previous journal entry.


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