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Wednesday, June 28, 2000

The End; The Unending; The Beginning?

Michelle and I have decided to part ways. The End?

The Sudbury school did not get enough enrollment to open for the second summer session. And the Maui zoning department, a little slow on the draw, wants the school shut down, and penalties paid. The End?

We finally hired a new guy to expand my group at Megacorp from three to four people (woo woo). Unfortunately, instead of showing up for work this morning, he called us from the Canadian border to let us know immigration wouldn't let him through. Apparently they're cracking down on Software Engineers in particular, and the usual Megacorp legal papers have lost their potency. He's lived and worked here for fifteen years, but he needs to do this little hop across the border any time he switches jobs, and now he's stuck in Canada and they won't let him come home. He should never have signed onto our group -- he's got the Dark Karma[1] now.

Control of our project's marketing keeps changing hands. As a result of the latest move, all our ship dates are scrapped, and it appears that once again we will narrowly avoid completion--our game of Xeno's Paradox marching steadily toward oblivion with this project that never lives and never dies, absorbing life's energy all the way. When Satin[1] offers to buy your soul, he offers just enough that you can't refuse, but not enough that it's worth it. I thought I'd beat the game by simply renting mine out, but I'm starting to hear echoes of my laughter.

I feel seeds germinating, the future trying to burst forth through the mire, a whole new set of adventures and wonder... But I also see the old roots tangling and tugging and trying to hold it all down. And I'm in the middle, the link in this tug of war between unending past and unbegun future, and I wonder which side will win, or if I will simply break.

Time will tell.

[1] Of course, all this Satin and Karma stuff is purely metaphorical.

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