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Wednesday, June 21, 2000

A Strange Illusion

I raised a jug of water to take a big swig, and in the process cast my eyes upon the ceiling which I found to be strangely flowing as if its skin were sliding slowly sideways. Then I realized my mind had chosen the wrong reference, that the major stationary feature of the ceiling, a bump somewhat larger than the rest of the ceiling texture (and the first thing I saw before my eyes were able to focus on the finer details), was in fact a small spider, with tiny unnoticeable legs, crawling along the ceiling (and not the other way around).

The most stifling aspect of my Megacorp work is not the work itself, nor even the time, but the fact that I cannot pursue my own ideas in my own time because Megacorp's business is so broad as to give them claim to most anything I might invent or create. Particularly annoying is that I have a number of projects which are mid-stream and have screeched to a halt, waiting for the day I quit Megacorp and can safely resume them. This is no good.

Sometimes the words start to flow into my journal describing some interesting idea or method, and then I have to stop and erase them for fear of leaving an e-trail implying the idea was derived during my period of Megacorp employment.

It's stupid on their part, to have such a unilateral policy. The real idea people, the ones who would, unrestrained, willingly bring inspiration into whatever projects they are doing for Megacorp, instead simply leave. I am counting the days.

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