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Tuesday, May 16, 2000

The Day Of Transitions

I tendered my resignation at the school today. Well, more accurately, I declined my nomination to be on the staff ballot, but I will probably stay on as a "resource assistant"--an as-of-yet undefined roll that should allow me on campus for projects and whatnot but not have me as a full-fledged voting member of the school's bureaucracy. To that last point, I say "Yipeee!" because my eyes were really starting to glaze over at the numerous regular meetings I've been obliged to attend (school meetings, staff meetings, "renter's coalition" meetings, you name it). The school year is over, and my life's clock just wasn't programmed for summer session, so I'm skipping out to attend to other demands on my time.

I think I am going to go for the 4 acre lot. It will kill me financially... but it's the only choice that has a future. All of my other options have presents and pasts, but no future. It's a hard choice to make, even finances aside -- there are many disadvantages to living on Maui, and I can only hope that they will be outweighed by what dreams may manifest here.

If this deal works out, if I lock myself into Maui like this, it is likely to be the end of my relationship with Michelle. We talked at great length about it today, and it is pretty clear she is not in a place in her life where it would make sense for her to live here. But if the deal falls through, my future will take a completely different route, as I'll probably return to San Diego until the end of the year (long enough to get my Megacorp work launched upon the world) and then start travelling from there as a home base to various destinations as my whims take me, perhaps some time in Boston, Seattle, visiting friends in the San Fransisco Bay Area and Tahoe, some time in Europe, maybe a visit to Iceland...

Talk about a pivotal moment...

How does one make a decision like this? I'm not comparing apples and oranges, I'm comparing apples and toasters.

Here's a recent picture of Michelle:

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