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Sunday, May 07, 2000

Welcome Home?

I had many things to say about the trivias of today, but now that the day is near an end it all seems so... trivial.

Samantha's ducks disappeared the day we left, we learned upon returning. One of the kids recalls seeing two of the younger kids playing with them in the coy pond (Samantha left the ducks locked in a safe pen) and leaving them there. That's the last they were seen. They were ducklings, actually, one red and one green. Dyed in their eggs, or so the rumor goes.

Samantha's mother had a sudden change of heart about Garrett*, no doubt precipitated by Samantha's four day absence from the island, and seems hell bent on using the law come Monday morning to drag Samantha back home (Samantha is sixteen, though if you met her you'd assume nineteen or twenty). She's also threatened to put a hit out on Garrett*, which in her crowd is probably a ten dollar affair. I am thinking I should put name tags on our doors.

Perhaps when her mother sobers up, she'll have a change of heart. Or at least perhaps she'll realize how much dirt Samantha has on her. Who knows, maybe she's planning on having them both bumped off.

Name tags... where's that paper...

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