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Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Life at Sudbury Maui; House of Twos; Wireless

Samantha (Garrett*'s new girlfriend, my new roommate, the school's new staff member, in that order) just walked in with a Jackson clawed to her arm. It's a very plump green (at the moment), tongue-throwing lizard, about the size of a small squirrel, and this particular one, being male, has three huge horns (about an inch and a half long) sticking straight forward from its head. One of the kids found it in his backyard last night and adopted it as a pet.

While pacing in my apartment, I came to the window in time to see one of the parents driving away after dropping off his kid. He stopped in the middle of the driveway, right next to a long hedge, got out of his car and stepped directly into the hedge itself, car door wide open, and took a piss.

And actually this doesn't phase me in the slightest, so I suppose I'm a suitable Maui resident.

The House of Two's appears to be up for sale again. It's the perfect place for a cybernetics research institute, but it's also rather expensive -- so much so that buying it and having the time to work there (as opposed to spending all my time working for someone else for consulting fees or a salary) may be mutually exclusive. Damn! But perhaps I can sell partial interest in it to a number of friends -- deem the second house and the one bedroom apartment for use by the institute only, as housing and an office/computer-room respectively, for visiting researchers with priority to the investors, rent paid by others to be returned to the investors... Must work out the details...

We're in the process of setting up a wireless network here. Initial tests are promising. We got four new but slightly antiquated WaveLan cards for $200, one for the Linux machine our friend Martin just donated to the school (which is now doing IP Masquerading to ppp, giving all the computers here internet access through one phone line), two for our two laptops, and a fourth as a spare (I might install it in my Linux machine in San Diego so I have wireless there too). So far, we've gotten it working between my Mac laptop and Garrett*'s Linux laptop -- we're awaiting the arrival of an ISA/PCMCIA adapter to make it work in the desktop box. If all works well, I should be able to surf the net, do email, and do my Megacorp work all from the hammock hanging outside.

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