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Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Insertion by Helicopter

So I'm sitting here hacking away on the computer and there's this yellow helicopter buzzing around over the mango forest down in the gulch outside my front window. Eventually the heli lands in a nearby field, and then takes off again a few seconds later, but now with some sort of rope hanging down from it. At full extension, the rope goes taught and a man wearing a bright yellow helmet springs from the ground at its end. The helicopter flies him over the mango forest, hovers for a while, and then lowers him into the thick of it. From here all I can see of the forest are the tops of the trees, even though I'm looking down into it at quite an angle. I doubt you can see much if any ground even from the air.

The heli then flies off with a free dangling rope, does a few laps around the school, away from the forest, and then returns a minute or two later, sinks the rope through the canopy once more, and emerges with the man in tow, holding a large bouquet of what I can only assume is marajuana.

Back to the field, rolls the rope inside, takes the man on board, and off they go.

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Simon Funk / simonfunk@gmail.com