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Saturday, February 12, 2000

A Synopsis by Daydream

[An excerpt from a letter I wrote someone last night]

I'm currently living part-time in Maui, San Diego, and to a lesser degree the bay area. I spend most of my time in Maui, but I own a house in San Diego. I don't live in the touristy area in Maui and lay out on the beach, though -- I live in the jungly area, work alot on the computer (currently remotely employed by Megacorp), volunteer as a teacher at the Sudbury School (which is also where I happen to live), and get out when I can to windsurf, hike, surf, and whatnot. I have alot of fun windsurfing, mostly because it's still very new to me, but I have to admit there are many days when the effort of getting there and setting up and tearing down balance pretty evenly against the fun of doing it... sometimes one wins, sometimes the other. I'm not sure what that says about me -- I guess I'm pretty high inertia. (e.g., I hate driving, but once I'm behind the wheel I can drive for eight hours without stopping; I'd often rather keep going than stop to change drivers... Actually, I think that's changing-- I've been adjusting my lifestyle to where I feel I have more time to be in the moment...) How am I doing so far with the random babbling? Don't answer that. :)

So there's a tangentially nested burst of my current life superficially.

More deeply, I aim to create the first sentient computer sometime in the next decade... I'd like to have a nice house in Maui.. I daydream alot about what that should or would or will be--so many things I want (a beautiful garden, a beautiful *functional* kitchen, with a gas range facing a bar for guests and a fireplace in the background... oh.. wait.. I guess not too many fireplaces in Maui... perfection is so hard to achieve, even in one's own daydreams!; and so on...). And I daydream about someday meeting someone I can really relate to, who's honesty and creativity and ambition and simplicity and depth and strength and resilience and beauty I can value and respect (too much to ask for?).

I want a digital music studio, and the time and piece of mind to spend hours and days in it composing. I want a small experimental jet, to fly myself between islands, to buzz the coastline and fly up through the jungly valleys. I want to try kite boarding. I want to make a machine that makes breakfast. Hmm...

Ok, so I'm a mad scientist at heart I guess. The thing that makes me unique in this modern era of apathy, though, is that most of my daydreams eventually become reality. That's what I do... I dream it, I make it, I live it, I dream some more. :) [And all the while, a black cloud follows me around... thundering and storming and throwing lots of bad luck my way... but I'm used to it. Heh. I'd probably really enjoy living in an old gothic castle. I love storms.]

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