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Friday, February 11, 2000

Administrivia Gripe and the Pono Tease

So here it is, 1:41pm, San Diego, and I've forgotten to eat again. I can't easily recall what I've been doing all morning... talking on the phone with the plumber ($3000 to cut up my driveway and replace a sewer pipe that was improperly installed over 10 years ago), on the phone with Garrett* (trying to figure out how to get VPN to work so I will be able to get into Megacorp's net when I return to Maui; hearing about the wild Pono council meeting yesterday which ended in a fist fight), digging through my files, trying to figure out if my Home Owner's Association is going to dissapprove of my (soon to be) patched driveway and force me to replace the entire thing ($10K?), looking through my tax records (found an invoice which I thought was paid in '99 but was actually 1099'd for '98 -- could have paid double taxes on that one if I hadn't caught it!), and so on.

Meanwhile, technical design issues for my Megacorp work continues to percolate. I made some notes at 4am last night just before going to bed--last minute Ah Hah's which I didn't want to loose overnight. Once again, as has happened too often in recent years, the solution I'm settling upon after much cogitation is exactly what I came up with much more easily for a similar project of my own some ten years ago. I wonder if I've gained any skills in all of that time besides the confidence to charge more for my time. I was worth as much or more then, but earned next to nothing simply because I was young.

Three steps back, one step forward. My email Inbox has escaped the 100 I was wrestling it under, and in just two days has grown to 206 messages needing to be answered and/or filed. All different things, mostly around logistical coordination of one thing or another.

Logistics. Bleh.

Ok, maybe I should come back to this after I've eaten, and see how my mood changes. :)

So I ate. It's now 5pm. Went to the bank, and to the copy shop to xerox tax docs. Phoned the insurnace company about the house. Handled more bills that came in the mail today. 5pm. All day, administrivia. I guess I'll be up 'till 4am working again.

The pono council story is an interesting one, but I don't know I could do it justice third-hand, so hopefully Garrett* will write it up and I can include it here.

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