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Friday, December 24, 1999

Flip-Side Flier

I don't know where the time has gone. Two weeks since my last Journal entry, and all I remember is trying to get stuff done, but I don't recall what stuff in particular.

The snails here are huge. No, I mean, really, huge. Kinda pretty too. Another job for the digital camera I'll probably never buy.

I was going to get an Olympus 450Z at Costco, but I did some research and discovered they've screwed up the user interface so it's not as nice as in the 400, and it doesn't support USB which means I can't use it with my Powerbook G3 anyway! And after looking at some photos side-by-side, I think I want one of the higher-end ones anyway -- the C-2000 looks good, but for some other quirks. The best camera from an ergonomic perspective, from what I can tell, is one of the Sonys. Everything about it sounds just right. Except the picture quality sucks. Minor detail. Bottom line, they all have one major problem or another, so I continue to wait...

So I bought a bed instead. Garrett* and I strapped two queen sized mattresses and boxsprings on top of his truck. (Yes, the stack was four high.) Another lost photo-op. Naturally, it started pouring rain just as we rolled the mattresses out of Costco.

Michelle flew in a few days ago. She found a windsurfing setup for $150, and the three of us split the cost, for her to use now and for Garrett* and I to loan to visitors in the future.

For my first contribution to the Sudbury Maui P.R. committee, I wrote up a little quarter-page flyer which we had printed on card stock to hand out to people. One side is targeted at kids, and the other at their parents. Here it is:


Hate school?

Maybe it's time for something different...

At Sudbury Maui, the students run the school.  There are no classes, no tests, and no grades.  The adults here are exceptionally cool: if you ask, they'll help you with most anything you want to do, and if you don't, they'll stay out of your way--because they don't think it's their business to tell you what to do, ever.

So take your pick: sit quietly behind a desk all day and listen to teachers lecture endlessly about stuff you're not interested in, or come to Sudbury Maui School and spend your time doing whatever you want--read, write, play music, cook, build stuff, jump on the trampoline, play on the computer, whatever!

Don't believe it's possible?  Call  and talk to the students or staff yourself, or visit our web site:

Phone: 575-2345 (8:30am to 4:30pm, Weekdays)
Web site: sudburymaui.org.

Now accepting students age 4 to 18.


The first Sudbury School was started over 30 years ago in Massachusetts, and has an impressive track record of producing happy and successful students and graduates.  Treated with respect and given responsibility for their own destinies, students inevitably flourish under the drive of their own curiosity and ambition.

Sudbury Maui is a school founded on these principles.
Our staff is a diverse and talented group of individuals, here to serve as facilitators, friends, and equals, not as controllers or judges.  Through the Sudbury approach, students learn more than a pile of facts--they learn confidence, responsibility, motivation and, most importantly, they learn how to learn.

Please call or visit our web site for more information:

Phone: 575-2345 (8:30am to 4:30pm, Weekdays)
Web site: sudburymaui.org.
Email: info@sudburymaui.org

Now accepting students age 4 to 18.


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