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Thursday, November 18, 1999

Free at Last

This morning, after packing for my trip to the mainland, I helped Don set out some bananas and liliqoi I gave him for the school. Erik happened in, and made a comment to the effect of "Oh, I see visitors are ok now if they're escorted?" Yes, we are still the wanted unwanted guests.

I borrowed "Free At Last" from the library and read it all in the two and a half hours I had before I had to leave for my flight to San Diego. It's ME in every way -- it is exactly what I have always argued for in education, but have never before had objective ammunition to back me up. Now I do! I'm amazed that such a thing has been allowed to exist in this country, but now that I know it's possible I doubt henceforth I'll ever not be involved with one Sudbury school or another in some way (perhaps I will start one some day).

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