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Thursday, November 11, 1999

Kaira, Checkers, and Bugs

Didn't sleep well last night at all. Partly because I had much to ponder about the future, but mostly because the damned mosquitos were dive-bombing me all night.

I got Garrett* to stand under a guava tree while I stood on his shoulders and picked guavas. I made an amazing guava puree from them, with some light blending and time-consuming straining, but before I could make a smoothie with it I noticed big swirls of rust in it from the strainer. Damn. Down the drain. All that for naught.

Rick invited us to dinner at Kaira's house. Every thursday night, she has a bunch of friends over, and cooks up an impressive feast. We brought some Costco brie, and set it down next to the Costco brie someone else brought. Kaira's roommate, Checkers, entertained us with his balloon-twisting skills. He was very good. But then, he has been the world champion for six years.

When we left home for dinner, I made sure the outside light was on, and the inside off, but someone must have come in while we were gone because they were reversed and the house was completely swarming with fruit flies. As best I can tell, they fly in through the screen when they're just little black specks, and then they eat a little and drink lots of water, and get far too plump to escape back through the screens, so I get stuck with them all night while I'm trying to sleep. A plate of water with some orange juice and a little soap mixed in, placed under the light, makes a fine fruit-fly trap and gets most of them by morning.

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