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Monday, November 08, 1999

Ewok City, First Sudbury Visit, and the Tantra Teacher

Looked at some more land--a forest of giant mango trees. Ewok city waiting to happen. It's perfect, except the elevation is too low so it's unbearably hot and muggy. It's too bad... I couldn't for a moment get out of my head the image of little houses built way up in the trees, connected by rope bridges and swings. The trees were beautiful.

We finally saw the Sudbury school. It's not too far from the mango forest, and in fact overlooks another mango forest down in a gulch below the school. The schoolhouse itself is an eclectic fun-house, with a kid-scale stairway of wood and roping, spanning three stories through an opening in the middle of the house. The bottom floor is faux rock with integral indoor coy ponds and a small swimming pool. A small pump trickles water down one rock siding with plants growing on it. The middle floor has the kitchen, open to the living area, and a master bedroom where the caretaker currently lives until he gets his own house (also on the property) in order. The upstairs is a collection of small rooms, with the walkways up and down a step here and there, feeling all very makeshift like a club house. A sliding glass door leads out onto the roof with a small railing marking off a rooftop patio. A twelve year old girl has hopped over the railing and is wandering about on the roof, and there is a notable lack of concern or panic from any of the adults around.

Garrett* and I ponder whether we could get here from the mountain by hang-glider, as the giant lawn is a perfect landing area.

We look at the apartments, built onto the back side of the schoolhouse itself. A gecko drops from the ceiling and catches my pant leg, hoping to be taken on the tour, I guess.

It would be a very interesting place to live. I wonder if we'll get it?

On the way home we stopped for another fine mahi burger.

Laila stopped by with a couple of friends -- an older woman who is a local tantra teacher, and her sixteen year old daughter. The daughter, Mayana, looked very much like a younger version of my previous girlfriend, Tara. How odd it must be to grow up with a tantra teacher as a mother.

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