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Sunday, November 07, 1999

Sailing Out to Sea, Ooblik, and Eric

Rick came by for a brunch of Costco potstickers, and then we all went windsurfing. I decided it was windy enough (25 mph...) to try my 4.0 sail, despite that it looks tiny when I unroll it on the grass. It turned out to be plenty of sail with all that wind, and I was back in my pattern of sailing quickly out to sea and drifting half a mile downwind while trying to get back to shore. I took my upwind tack through the forrest and met many other people also on the walk of shame. I felt a little better, and a little worse, when Rick tried my rig and gave me a difficulty penalty of factor-ten due to the high-performance nature of my skinny little board and high aspect ratio sail. Sigh.

We returned here and made a dinner of Costco ravioli, Costco pasta sauce, and fresh-grated Costco parmesian. Rick joked about the size of our brick of parmesian, but then we showed him our Costco corn starch. "What do you do with that?" he asked. "Ooblik!" I answered. I then passed the token on to Garrett*, since I tormented him with the undefined concept of Ooblik for months before finally making him some, here, just the other day, with our Costco corn starch. Now Rick has heard of it, wonderred about it, and left without actually experiencing it--a fine and accidental transference of the Ooblik-mystery meme.

Rick identified Eric as a cane spider. I've tried to find photos of them on the web to no avail. If I get a digital camera before I move, I'll snap a photo and post it here.

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