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Friday, October 29, 1999

Five Star Credit and the Stationary Windsurfer

I called a loan guy to pre-qualify for a home loan here. Interesting prospect when I've shown a loss for the last few years... Still sounds like I can do it, with "stated income" as opposed to actual income. I.e., I get to say that my business is worth something and therefor I've actually been earning money even though I haven't. See?

The loan guy called me back half an hour after we were done. He had to tell me I had "the highest credit rating he's ever seen for someone my age". He seemed genuinely excited by that. Go figure.

So we rigged the windsurfer on the grass at Kahana beach, surrounded by dozens and dozens of people setting up and tearing down their own, and Garrett* was too much of a man to ask anyone how tight we should make the sail.

We plunked it in the water and gave it a go. It's way too small for Garrett*. Might work for me. Quite a workout, and we didn't even go anywhere.

While hunting for airline tickets for a visit back to the mainland, I noticed there are fares for under $300 to Europe from various mainland origins. It's cheaper to go to Europe than here!

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