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Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Banana Overflow, Through the Worm Hole, and The End of Go

The bananas seem to be ripenning at about 10 per day. That's alot of bananas for two people.

We drove down to the shore to check out the windsurfers and kite surfers. There's a whole little bay full of kite surfers, and it is sufficiently bizzarre that I'm just going to have to try it. One fellow was doing twenty foot high leaps, traversing dozens of yards of ocean, on relatively flat water. I'm sure we'll all see much more of this in the years to come.

While checking out the surfing conditions at Hookipa, we ran into the guy who sat at the table next to ours at Casanova's last night. He recognized Garrett* as "the guy who got hit by the cork".

Costco has toilet paper and chicken again. And sesame oil. Garrett* and I agreed on little else to share, so we each bought about half of what we would have liked to get. But it's really hard to eat four artichokes single handedly. I ran back to get some rice, which was to go on the shared portion of our receipt, and when I arrived she had just finished ringing up the whole thing. We'd asked her to subtotal the receipt, and when I dropped in the last item she asked which portion of the total it belonged with. We told her the first part, and I was thinking I was about to be impressed that she could assign the item to a section of the receipt and get a new subtotal on just that. But soon I realized she was deleting each of Garrett*'s items from the receipt, one by one, by running them over the scanner again, after which she added the rice, rang up the new subtotal, and then re-enterred all of Garrett*'s items. Of course it would have been much easier for Garrett* and I to just add the extra item to the shared total when we got home... Quite odd to see someone go so far out of their way to satisfy someone else's relatively unimportant desires.

We bought a used windsurfer from a woman named Buck. It's pretty small -- the board is only 8'2" and very thin, so we'll have to get it moving pretty good before it's going to hold us out of the water. Especially Garrett*, since he weighs 60% more than me.

Simon: "Is it kind of late to be getting into these things?"
Garrett*: "What, you mean in our thirties?"
"We're insane, that's all there is to it."

The bananas are ripenning at 20 per day... I think we'll have to freeze some.

Garrett* found a baby gecko climbing my can of shaving cream.

The Go game continues... Garrett* has taken over much of the center of the board, managing to establish two eyes and many tendrils from them. But wait... they aren't really two eyes since one side of one of them is part of a separate group that has no other eyes.... I make the attack on that group, and Garrett* realizes he's lost the whole center of the board! There's little point in fighting there, so he concedes the territory to me. The rest of the game is just cleaning up the borders between territories, so it should go quick... Oops! I made what I assumed was a simple move in haste, and lost two pieces and the territory under them. That one stupid move will change the final point spread by eight points.... But no worries, I've still got the majority of the territory... We finish up the game and I joke that the way things work for me, we'll count up the points and he'll win despite it being visually obvious to both of us that I've finally won a game. We score the game... Garrett* wins! 51 to 49. Garrett* always wins.

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