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Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Guri Guri and the Shipping Strike

Today we took the truck in to get the windshield replaced, since it had a crack and would not pass the mandatory safety inspection.

We headed to the nearby Maui Mall, had a couple of Guri Guri sherbets, and played a game of Go while we waited. Garrett* won. He always wins.

Crystal clear windshield before us, we charged on to Costco wonderring how long it would be before we hit our first bug.

There's a shipping strike going on, started just in time for our first real shopping foray, now that we have a place with a kitchen. When there's a shipping strike, everyone rushes to buy up all the toilet paper, white rice, and chicken, well in advance of the first missed shipment. Indeed, by the time we got there, no toilet paper, white rice, or chicken. So we settled for a huge slab of Mahi Mahi (oh, woe are we) and refrained from stories from the past about using socks when the TP ran out.

Some conversation in the evening spawned the phrase "An optimist is one who takes credit for the work of pessimists." I think I'll add that to my list of .signatures.

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