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Thursday, October 14, 1999

Hotel LAX -- The Maui Journey Begins

No matter how far ahead I plan, I still end up executing things at the last possible moment. I'm not sure this is procrastenation, per se; rather, I just can't stop refining things until I run out of time. (It reminds me of a saying about writers: "A writer never finishes a work, he abandons it.")

Unfortunately, the last one percent -- tying up all the loose ends before you can really call it done (or "abandon" it) -- always takes much longer than you plan for, even when you account that fact.

Do to last minute changes pertaining to our ride to the airport, we ended up arriving at about 1:30am for an 8:30am flight. Plenty of time for us, sure, but less than ideal for our friend who had to drive two and a half hours home from there.

Much of the delay was due to the surprise that we could fit more within the airline's baggage limitations than we could fit in our car. Of course, the first part of the delay was an extended game of tetris involving all of my relevant earthly posessions, the result of which was exactly the airline's baggage limitations.

Much strapping and bungee cording ensued, and we were eventually on our way.

Sleeping in the airport was a joy (not!). Garrett* wanted to sleep behind the ticket counters, on the baggage conveyor. We ended up on some midevil racks masquerading as benches, partially protected from the slowly rising river of pedestrians by our great wall of luggage.

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