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Saturday, October 02, 1999

Meta Procrastenation and the Neural Revolution

In a fit of meta-procrastenation, I decided to put off procrastenating until tomorrow and went and grouted the bathroom floor today.

Despite my hopes, plans, and expectations, grouting happened to me, not the other way around. The grout had its own agenda. I wanted to put the grout in the grooves between the tiles, and smooth it out. The grout wanted to be put everywhere and then wiped off. The grout won. Fortunately, I have a high-gloss paint on the walls.

So far six people in the last two days have forwarded me a link to one version or another of the article "Neural Net Outperforms Human in Speech Recognition". You'd think they had discoverred Cold Fusion or something. Hmm...

Well, there's always hype. But we are here, climbing the foothills of the next technological revolution (possibly our last technological revolution) and the mountains are just coming into view. And most people haven't noticed yet, because their gaze is fixed three feet in front of them, on the relative mole hill that is the internet. Ah, how I look forward to seeing the expressions on their faces when they look up...

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