Project Sifter

This ad has been placed in a couple of weekly papers, and posted as flyers. It gets responses! You're welcome to use the text, provided you tell me what you're doing with it, and include me in the results!


Believe it or not, this ad is just a private attempt to find new and interesting people. We're a rag-tag collection of off-beat individualists, thoroughly devoted to making the most of life as we possibly can. Part of that effort includes finding new people--to learn from, to hang out with, to conquer the world... you know. If you're like us, you want to do everything, to try everything, to understand everything. There is so much to do, and so few lives to do it in. The only times we're bored is when we're stuck doing things we don't want to do. Left to our own, we'll turn sand into castles, napkins into unified-field theories, and potatoes into small withering statues wearing funny hats. The common thread amongst us is something that is, unfortunately, very rare: the desire to know the truth above all other considerations. If you want to make the most of the world, you need to know how the world works--even if the truth is not what you want to hear, it is better to know it than to deny it. We do not believe anything on faith. We prefer observation as our source, intuition and insight as our guides, hard work and creativity as our tools, and reason as our jury. We enter the world with open minds, but not disengaged ones. And we never invent excuses for the unknown--today's magic is tomorrow's science. Are you looking for people who care more about what you think than how you're dressed? Who you can talk with about ideas and possibilities, and who put those ideas into action? Who never forget that life is short, but who still see the long view? So are we. If that all sounds familiar, perhaps you should be hanging with us. Our interests run the gamut from cooking to high-tech research, from scuba diving to sky diving, from the symphony to Burningman, from chia shoes to strip ouija. We may not be here forever, so don't hesitate to contact us--it's a small effort considering the possibilities it creates.

Brandyn Webb /