Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer begins

So far, this summer is off to a great start, with only one speed bump.

In May, C and I attended BarCamp San Diego,

where I hosted a collaborative brainstorming session (using the ACE editor in real time) on the creation of a Science Hostel. One of the more memorable moments was walking in to the conference, and overhearing the girl walking in next to us: "Ooh, I smell nerds."

Then we flew to Chicago to visit C's brother and play around in the city.

After a few days there, we were off to the Perimeter Institute to socialize and work with a gaggle of physicists.

In the middle of the trip, we spent a weekend in Toronto visiting our new friend, D.A., who was a terrific host.

I also got the chance to go sailing in Lake Ontario with L.S., on his extra Contender. (And I really mean "in" -- I capsized three times.) The lake was amazingly ocean-like, except for the lack of salt.

Back at Perimeter, I walked past this penned peacock every day on the way to the office. Every time, it was doing its best to impress the peahen, who ignored him utterly. Keep trying, dude.

I call this shot "caged heat."

Before we left Perimeter, we made a trip out to the Niagra Escarpment to climb with some of the resident action nerds, including S.B-T, who's become a good friend.

Then back to San Diego, for the wedding of C's mom to M (who's taking the picture).

M pointed out that this sort of made S and I brothers, which is highly amusing. And here we remain, in Clairemont, visiting the newlyweds. There's a nice little south swell coming in, and I paddled out at Cardiff on the spruce fish.

The only hang up has been... on the way to the airport to pick us up, C's mom was in a car accident. She was OK (mostly), but C's car was totaled. So we are in California with no wheels -- a terrible fate. I do have a car to use starting June 29, but until then I'll have to figure out whether to rent, buy, or borrow something to burn this five dollar gas with. Once I do, C and I are looking forward to a lot of fun hopping around California for the next few months, visiting friends, before going to SciFooCamp, Burning Man, and back to Maui. Feel free to drop us a line if you'd like house guests.

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