Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open for the season

This new year finds C and I happily cocooned at Lake Tahoe for the winter. The snow is a little thin for this time of year, but we've been out riding a couple days a week at Mt. Rose, having a good time -- and there are storms on the way. Our friend Rich has kindly lent us his house -- tucked away in the trees of Incline Village, overlooking the lake -- and it's proving to be a wonderful place to get work done, as well as being fifteen minutes from the lift. Anyone want to come play in the snow? I'd thought of having a big get-together up here like I did in Colorado, but although there's lots of space, the plumbing can't handle a crowd of more than about five -- so this is an open invitation for smaller numbers of friends (or larger numbers of smaller friends) to come visit when they like, between now and the end of April. It's pretty quiet up here -- so you can expect it to be a decent place to work as well as play, complete with wireless, ambient music, board games, hot chocolate on tap, full kitchen, convenient groceries, snow hiking trails, and a diligently working (and playing) physicist and artist to set the pace. So... drop me an email or something and come on up.

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