Sunday, October 22, 2006

Boo boo

C and I are having fun cruising around Maui for a month -- camping in the van -- before we go to Lake Tahoe for the rest of the winter. My pattern until recently has been to surf in the morning, work on physics in a coffee shop or at the library in the afternoon, have dinner, and find a place to park and sleep for the night. Repeat. I thought C would be bored to tears, but she really loves Maui and has been happy to cruise around and spend most of her time obsessively knitting. (She's picked it up impressively fast, and is characteristically, umm, fully immersed in it.) Anyway, I say "until recently" because I had an unfortunate tangle with my board at Ho'okipa the other day. I got conked on the head during a wipeout, and came back up with an impressive stream of blood pouring down my face. There was no way in from where I was, so I had to paddle back out in order to catch a wave to the beach. Got some funny looks from other surfers. ;) Turns out the gash on my head was only two centimeters or so -- head wounds always bleed profusely. I got a few stitches and probably won't even have much of a scar, as long as I stay out of the water for awhile. But how can I stay out of the water? I think maybe I can do it for a week. Maybe. C and I are hanging out way up on the volcano, away from the water. But, even so, I can look down now and see that beautiful ocean beckoning softly to me... "come, get infected, it will be worth it..." We're going to have to hike the crater or something. If you see a nice scar above my right eye next time you see me, you'll know I couldn't resist.

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