Friday, August 19, 2005

Doom averted

Nope, I didn't take the full time teaching job. Really, I just shouldn't be fully employed on principle -- I have a certain image to uphold, an example to set. But, further rationalizing this decision, the three things I love most in the world are surfing, physics, and girlfriend -- all of which take time and none of which are compatible with full-time employment. Money isn't even in the top five, so I decided to resist temptation and maintain true in my dedication to the Big Three by declining the position.

As it turned out, they couldn't find anyone else to do it either, so I am going to be teaching one physics class after all -- the one I wanted to teach -- so that's good. But lecturing one class doesn't pay enough to cover food expenses, so C and I have found part time jobs as... (you hikethegeek folk are going to love this) hiking guides. That's right, we pick tourists up from hotels and cruise ships, drive them to hiking trails, and walk with them to swim in waterfalls while pointing out all sorts of edible plants and talking about Hawaiian history. Can you believe we get paid for this? Not a lot, but still -- it's a fun job, and it's keeping us in shape through this utterly surfless summer.

So, after that brief scare, life is still good. Sorry if I worried you.

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