Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Physics has been very frustrating lately. I had some very promising new stuff worked out a year ago -- deriving spinor fields from General Relativity. I've been working with that new formulation for the past few months, putting it together with Kaluza-Klein theory, along with some neat Clifford Algebra stuff, to try and get electrons and quarks to come out from the theory naturally. I really thought it was going to work perfectly, it all looked so good, but, nope. I've been down four or five different paths to try and get it to work, but each one has been a dead end, and it now appears I've exhausted the obvious options. This makes me very unhappy. I'm really not sure what to do at this point -- take a step back I guess, in good INTP fashion. But I absolutely cannot abandon what I did a year ago, it was too big a step forward. Maybe find a way to tweak it some way that makes a difference, but it's not very amenable to tweaking -- that was supposed to be one of its good points, that it was the way it was because it had to be. Very different than putting things in by hand. Hurmph. Maybe I just need to be smarter -- come up with an entirely different approach, from the same foundation, that I've missed... if only I could think of it. But I'm failing, and it's very, VERY frustrating.

A part of me just wants to pitch it -- and go snowboarding and play and do other things for awhile. But I'm so frustrated with it that I worry I might just not go back to it for a long time, and forget all the important stuff I have learned by going down the dead ends recently. And I want to figure it out, damn it. Hurmph.

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